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At Oliver and Maple LLC, we believe in the power of connection, care, and peace of mind. That's why we've created "Oliver Checks In", an innovative application that keeps you linked to your chosen network of family and friends in an intuitive, seamless, and secure way.

Our app empowers you to set up a personal safety net, allowing you to define precise instructions for those who you trust most, regarding your most precious responsibilities. It works by checking in with you twice a day, ensuring you're okay. If you miss a check-in, the app automatically reaches out to your safety net, so they can take the appropriate action based on your instructions. Whether you're a pet owner, a parent, a caregiver, or simply someone who values the comfort of knowing help is at hand, "Oliver Checks In" is designed to support you. Our mission is to foster a sense of security, all while respecting your privacy and data.

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